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Gusto Now offers a range of training programs to equip individuals and organizations with the skills and mindset necessary for success. Their training programs focus on practical skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, teamwork, and leadership. These programs aim to increase the capacity for individuals to experience more meaning, passion, purpose, inspiration, joy, gratitude, wonder, and awe in their work.

For executive leaders, Gusto Now offers the "Vitally Inspired: Living and Leading from Meaning and Purpose" program. This program helps leaders develop conscious leadership skills and create a culture anchored in meaning and purpose. By understanding the needs and wants of their workforce and adopting new strategies, leaders can revitalize their organization and achieve better results.

The "Mastermind for Business Leaders/Owners" program provides a safe and confidential space for leaders to share concerns, receive advice from fellow leaders, and engage in personal and professional development.

For managers, Gusto Now offers the "Manage Through Meaning: The Power of Nurturing Connection, Fulfillment and Growth" program. This program helps managers create a workplace where employees feel fulfilled in their work by fostering a connection between work and a larger purpose.

The "Modes of Engagement in Teams" program explores how individuals connect to their work on a personal level. By understanding different modes of engagement and finding ways to align values with work, teams can become more fulfilled, engaged, and productive.

Gusto Now also offers the "Strengths-Based Teams" program that focuses on maximizing individual strengths within teams. By encouraging employees to work in areas they enjoy and excel at, organizations can foster greater productivity, innovation, and retention.

Lastly,"Grab Your Gusto: Vitality & Well-being from Inside Out" is a webcast learning platform based on Dr. Cortez's book content that aims to nurture passion, inspiration, meaning,and purpose within individuals for overall well-being. This program includes weekly video webcasts, audio podcasts, and experiential exercises.

Testimonials from clients highlight the positive impact Gusto Now's training programs have had on individuals and organizations.