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Clean Slate Dustless Blasting

5720 N. County Rd. 15, Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Clean Slate Blasting offers a range of sandblasting services in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. They specialize in automotive sandblasting, residential sandblasting, commercial sandblasting, and industrial equipment cleaning.

For automotive projects, Clean Slate Blasting is skilled at removing paint and rust from vehicles using a low-pressure sandblasting process that minimizes the risk of warping the panels. They can help restore classic cars or prepare surfaces for a fresh coat of paint.

In residential settings, Clean Slate Blasting provides mobile dustless blasting services to deep clean exterior surfaces like driveways, patios, fences, and metal furniture. Their efficient blasting process can cut down on the prep work needed for repainting or re-staining projects.

For commercial properties, Clean Slate Blasting can enhance the look of buildings and grounds by removing grease, dirt, and grime from sidewalks, driveways, and walls. Their commercial sandblasting services can improve curb appeal and leave a positive impression on clients or customers.

Additionally, Clean Slate Blasting offers industrial equipment cleaning for farms, factories, oil rigs, and other settings. They use advanced sandblasting techniques to restore machinery and vehicles.

Overall, Clean Slate Blasting is dedicated to providing exceptional sandblasting services that give surfaces a clean slate.