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Alpha One offers a range of high-quality organic-based fertilizers that are formulated to deliver excellent results. Their product line includes:

1. AlphaLawn II Plus Iron Organic-Based Lawn Fertilizer: This fertilizer conditions the soil, improves root systems, and counteracts high pH calcareous soils.

2. AlphaLawn Z Zero Phosphorus Organic-Based Lawn Fertilizer: A phosphorus-free fertilizer that conditions the soil, strengthens roots, and promotes healthy turf.

3. Alpha One Natural Organic-Based Lawn & Garden Fertilizer: This all-natural fertilizer provides plant-ready nutrients through a natural time-release process and has the highest organic-based matter content on the market.

4. AlphaLawn Turf Winterizer: Designed for fall use, this fertilizer enhances soil quality, strengthens roots, and supports early growth for the following spring.

5. El Primero Garden Fertilizer: Formulated to counter high pH calcareous soils, this fertilizer contains a homogenous nutrient balance for optimal garden plant growth.

6. Germinator Starter Fertilizer: Ideal for establishing landscapes, this organic-based fertilizer promotes seed germination and seedling growth.

Customers can find these products at various retailers such as Bath Garden Center, Ace Hardware, Jax Goods, CPS Distributors, and Eaton Grove. Choose Alpha One fertilizers for safe and effective results in your lawn and garden.