Unraveling the Value of Monthly SEO Services for Local Sellers

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Unraveling the Value of Monthly SEO Services for Local Sellers

In order to comprehend SEO, we need to first delve into Digital Marketing and its various facets. Digital marketing emerged as a challenge to traditional marketing methods such as TV and Print. As Amazon soared, giants like Sears and Toys R Us plummeted. We witnessed the demise of newspapers and magazines while platforms like YouTube and Google flourished. People are more likely to "Facebook" than they are to scrapbook. Can you remember when you last used a phonebook? For any local seller, digital marketing is crucial. It's likely that people will find your website before they visit your store or meet you.

Is Monthly SEO Worth It?Amazon might not be the pinnacle of internet success, but it certainly stands as one of the most noteworthy contributors. It ranks as the 7th largest retailer without a single physical storefront and surpasses Walmart with its market capitalization...and it's just getting started.

Search marketing, social media, and display advertising are pivotal channels in digital marketing with email marketing also playing an essential role. In 2017, digital marketing spending surpassed TV advertising expenditure emphasizing the importance of search engines within this framework.

Search engines now generate around 200 billion searches each month (source: SEO.com). By 2019, search engine user count is projected to exceed 236,000,000 in the USA alone. Given that 66% percent marketers consider enhancing their organic presence online a top priority and 72% shoppers who search for local stores on their mobile phones actually visit these stores, it's clear that search engines dictate majority sales online along with visits to websites while social media contributes only around 3% of traffic.

We have established that (1) digital marketing surpasses TV and other channels in importance (2) search engines are the masters of digital marketing sales. Highlighting the significant role search engine marketing plays in any marketing strategy. Search engine marketing can be categorized into sponsored search (PPC) and organic search. SEO proves to be more cost-effective than PPC and yields a higher ROI when implemented effectively.

In response to the question "Is it worth investing in monthly SEO services?", consider what's at stake if your business isn't indexed by the search engines. The potential to drive business is immense as search-based traffic ranks second after referrals. Search engines expose your products/services to individuals actively seeking them which essentially is unmatched targeting in advertising. SEO investment is a sound strategy especially for local sellers considering millions of searches for a multitude of items conducted daily that translate into high sales ratios.

Why not opt for a singular SEO effort instead of a long-term strategy? Simply because SEO isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. Websites don't inevitably jump from #1000 on Google to #1 overnight. Gaining trust from search engines takes time. With Google publicly stating that their search algorithm gets updated over 500 times annually and over 200 "signals" considered while deciding webpage ranking, it's clear that constant effort is required since search engine algorithms are always evolving, hence the need for continuous SEO practices.

Selecting an SEO company needs careful consideration as many either exploit their customers or lack competence despite understanding the theory behind SEO. Opt for companies with proven track records rather than getting convinced by elaborate sales pitches, ensuring they're competent, honest, and within your budget.